Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Cherokee Trail by Louis L'Amour

Book Description:
It was no work for a woman. That's what they told Mary Breydon when she came to manage a rundown stagecoach station on the Cherokee Trail. But Mary had no choice. Her fine Virginia home burned to ashes in the Civil War and her husband was brutally shot down on the way to Colorado. She needed to make a new beginning for herself and her young daughter on the raw frontier. Isolated in an untamed land, their life at the station was achingly hard and they faced the constant danger of attacks by outlaws and marauding Indians. Yet, with the support of a spirited Irish woman, a fearless orphan boy, and, most of all, the mysterious gunman Temple Boone, Mary found the courage to shape her station into a vital stop on America's westward journey. Until the vicious murderer whose bloody rampages had stained her past suddenly stalked Mary Breydon to Cherokee Station.
My Thoughts:
This book is very interesting! I enjoyed it. Mary and her family are on their way west when they happen on a former gorilla who had helped to destroy and loot their former home. Recognizing her husband, the gorilla kills him, leaving Mary and her daughter alone on their way west. Mary decides to take the position her husband has been offered and since she has the same initials as he did, uses the letter that gave her husband authority over the stage station to take control of it and give herself and her daughter a home. On the trip, she meets and employs an Irish girl who becomes a lot of help. There are many dangers in the West.... The biggest danger, she finds, is the men who don't believe she should be able to gracefully and succesfully run a stage station. In spite of all of the hardships and hindrences, Mary is able to succeed because of her own indomintable spirit....and the help of those around her.
I rate this book a 5/5. It is definately on my keeper shelf. I will be reading more books from this author!

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