Friday, September 24, 2010

Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter

Book Description:
1904. Stratton-Porter was an American feminist, environmentalist, photographer and one of Indiana's most famous female authors. Many of her writings were moralistic and romantic novels.

Freckles is the story of an orphaned boy who gets a job as a timber guard in Limberlost. He only has one hand, but much courage. As the plot unfolds, Freckles falls in love with the beautiful Swamp Angel and his noble past is revealed. The book proved so popular that she went on to write A Girl of the Limberlost. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

My Thoughts:

This is an incredible book. Freckles is a very loveable character. He very much wants SOMEONE to give him a chance to prove himself to be 'just like everyone else'. He wants to be a productive citizen and to find someone he can love. He doesn't really expect to be loved in return, but truely desires to love others. He has many challenges and adventures and is able to prove his worth many times over to someone who will just give him a chance. The Angel is lovely in spirit as well as looks and gives Freckles someone to admire and love from afar. Together they must save something worth much more than money can buy.....

I rate this book a 5/5. Go and find it and read is good for readers of all ages!

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