Monday, September 27, 2010

How Can the Heart Forget by Emilie Loring

Book Description:


Ann Jerome looked up from her book and saw a tall, beloved figure walking toward her. It was Myles Langdon, retunred from a year in South America.

"Myles!" she sobbed, "Myles darling! Welcome.....welcome home!" She threw her arms around him and kissed him wildly.

Rudely she was shaken from her dream. She broke from his embrace. This was her sister's fiance, the man who would be her sister's lawful husband!

My Thoughts:
I very much enjoyed this book! Ann and Sunny grew up with Myles. Before he took a job in South America, he asks Sunny to become his wife. They correspond but as time goes by, Sunny, who is young and somewhat flighty, begins to yearn for someone closer to home, so she sends Myles a 'Dear John' letter.....that never reaches him. When Myles comes back from a job where he is injured, and obviously hasn't received her letter, Sunny decides to go along with the engagement...even though she is interested in someone else.
Ann, on the other hand, has never fogotten Myles, and has tried to steer Sunny in areas where she will stay true to her man. She doesn't approve of how Sunny is acting and her true feelings for Myles begin to come to the surface as she sees how he is being Sunny and others.
When it's obvious that trouble has followed Myles from South America...and danger threatens, his true love helps in ways that were never expected.
I rate this book a 5/5. It is older and you may have trouble finding it, but it is well worth the look!

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