Saturday, October 16, 2010

One More Sunrise by Al & Joanna Lacy

Book Description:
Countless perils menaced the early settlers of the Wild West -- and not the least of them was the lack of medical care. Dr. Dane Logan, a former street waif who has been adopted by a doctor's family in Cheyenne, puts his lifelong dream to work filling this need. His renown as a surgeon spreads throughout the frontier, even while his love grows for the beautiful Tharyn, an orphan he lost contact with when he left New York City as a child. Will happiness in love ever come to Dane -- or will the roving Tag Moran gang bring his hopes to a dark end?
My Thoughts:
Saddle up and let's go! This book is interesting and fun. Dane is an orphan who found the perfect parents to adopt him after he got out of jail. Tharyn, also an orphan, also finds parents to adopt her out west. They had been "brother & sister" in the alley when they were in New York, but had lost touch with each other when parted by the orphan train. I fell in love with Dane as the story after he settled a score with a bully and then some more as he worked so hard to find the spot God wanted him in as a doctor. Both of them were able to realize all of their dreams except two....they both wanted to know what had happened to the other and both were looking for God to bring Mr or Miss Right into their lives. I enjoyed the many characters that made an appearance here and was amazed when I saw a couple of familiar characters from another series make an appearance. I would rate this book a 5/5. It is very much worth getting and reading. (then maybe you'll want to find the rest of the series)

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  1. You make this sound well worth looking out for... yet another series for me to get addicted to?