Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shy by William Thayer

Black Buffalo, endowed with wisdom far beyond his era or that which most white people would attribute to an Indian savage, knew that the time would come when Shy would seek his own people as Black Buffalo himself had done. The whites had a different way of life and a boy with Shy's curiosity, intelligence, and indomitable spirit would not remain content forever. His natural instincts and longings would force him to abandon the Indian's way of life for that of the white's. But, for the few years Crooked Foot had to live, he would have a protective brother and compannion in Shy. Black Buffalo made a solemn promise that Shy would be respected, cared for and taught by his family as Black Buffalo himself had been taught by the Taylors.

My Thoughts:
This is one of my most favorite books! Shy is young when he manages to become captured instead of killed by the Indians who hit his wagon train. When Black Buffalo, the chief, sees how he handles himself, he adopts him and gives him the name of Shy. Black Buffalo has a son who is crippled. Shy becomes his champion and Crooked Foot helps to train Shy for the life he will live after he leaves the Indians. Shy grows to become a very formidable opponent. When he finally leaves to find out what happened to the survivors of the wagon train, he comes across the ONE man he actually respected on the train. They journey together and Shy becomes a legend. One that he must learn to live down if he wants to join the White Man's life. Shy is a very interesting read and will keep you on your toes until the dramatic end. I rate this book a 5/5. If you can find it....get it! It's on my keeper shelf.

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