Thursday, December 2, 2010

Truth or Dare by Jayne Ann Krentz

Upscale interior designer Zoe Luce has found peace and contentment in Whispering Springs, Arizona. She has a thriving business, and she's settling into newlywed life with private investigator Ethan Truax. The threat that brought Zoe and Ethan together is finally over, ancient history, or so Zoe believes. Very few people know of her uncanny ability to sense the dark secr more » ets hidden within the walls of a house, and she wants to keep it that way, even from Ethan. But someone is stalking Zoe - someone who knows all about her, and who shadows her every move. Is it the same person who is threatening her closest friend, Arcadia Ames, the only other person in Whispering Springs who knows the truth about Zoe? Or are Zoe and Arcadia getting tangled in a web spun by someone more dangerous than they could ever have imagined?As a private investigator, Ethan is paid to find the truth, yet he has secrets of his own that are better left buried. He can't let the threats to Zoe go unchallenged, although he fears that the truth may be a bigger burden than their still-fragile relationship can handle. And Ethan isn't alone with his fears: instead of setting her free, Zoe dreads that the truth will only imprison her once more within her darkest nightmares, this time with no escape in sight.
My Thoughts:
I found this book very intersting. Zoe and Ethan make a unique couple. Both have had previous marriages and Zoe is hiding from in-laws who do not believe she has a sixth sense or that she is sane. Ethan is fighting demons of his own and is very insecure for such a well-rounded character. As the story progresses, the conclusions aren't really that surprising, but Krentz did manage to wrap up ALL of the loose ends by the end of the book in a very appealing way. I would rate this book a 5/5. I enjoy all of Krentz works and it is definately going on my bookshelf.

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