Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Through the Darkness A True Story of Danger and Second Chances by Kimberly L. Smith

Passport to Darkness takes readers on Smith's journey to the deserts of Africa and the deserts of her own soul as she tries to live well as an imperfect American mom, crusade for justice for orphans around the world, and embrace God's extraordinary dreams for her. When Kimberly and her husband risk everything to answer God's call, they see God change and restore them--even amid exhaustion, marital struggles, and physical limitations. This heartbreaking, heartlifting book is for anyone who longs to see God's redemptive power heal broken hearts, fill empty bellies, and shelter uncovered heads. It is a call to readers to take one more step on their journey to know God's heart. It is a guide from one ordinary person to another to finding a life that matters.

My Thoughts:
Kimberly is a very strong and passionate warrior for Christ & his 'forgotten' children of Sudan and other areas. The story is well written and will have you in tears as well as a few parts that have you laughing, but mostly, it will simply make you sit up and take notice that God may have something more for you life than you are currently doing if you are willing to let go and let Him take the lead.....even if it's not in your normal comfort zone. As you read this story of Kimberly's struggles and how she had to lean on God for her accomplishments, it makes you reevaluate what you are doing or are willing to do for God and his children here and abroad. This is an excellent read. I give it a 4/5. Many people won't read it simply because the book in itself is a challenge to our complacency of life.

I want to thank The B&B Media Group, Inc. for providing a review copy. It was provided to me for an honest opinion and the above is 100% mine.

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