Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inspiring Devotionals for Pre-Teens!

This devotional inspires boys' hearts toward Godly characteristics such as integrity, honesty, and generosity. Boys 8 to 12 will find the truths relevant and the challenges compelling, engaging, and hands-on. And parents appreciate watching Christ-like traits emerge as each dare is undertaken.

My Thoughts:

Your boys NEED this devotional! All boys love a good dare...and this devotional is packed FULL of them! I spent the last few weeks going over this for Biblical truthfullness...and have found no errors. I have just started my 11 year old reading & studying it. He is enjoying it and starting to actually work on some of the dares--all on his own! It is a wonderful tool for those of you who want to encourage your boys to learn God's will for their lives!

I give this book a 5/5. I WILL be looking for another copy for my middle child to be able to go through!!!


Are you ready for more -- more excitement, more adventure, more fun? Yeah? Then take the dare! Dare to discover the secrets to a life that sparkles for God. You've got what it takes to make an impact on the world. This just-for-you devotional is filled with powerful wisdom on everything from godly friendship and serving others to getting along with your parents and worshipping God. It's advice for real life from the greatest BFF of all: your heavenly Father.

Each day you'll read a few verses of Scripture and discover some awesome truths. Then you'll be challenged to live it out with exciting dares that can change your life and fun quizzes to keep it all real. It's your time to shine as a girl who knows what it means to live a fierce and fearless life of faith.

So....will YOU take the dare???

My thoughts:

Even though this study is designed for 9-12 year old girls. I had fun going through it! I didn't take ALL the dares...some WERE a bit juvenile for a xxx year old like me! However, there were many that we as adults should be taking as well. I found this devotional to be cleaver and witty and thoroughly Scripture based. I am putting it up for my daughter for her next birthday! I can't wait to see how she will grow and change as she learns more from God's Word through this study. Please give your daughter a Blessing and get her this book!
I will give this one a 5/5 as well.

I want to thank B & B Media Group, Inc. for providing both of these devotionals. I was given both books in exchange for an honest opinion and the above opinions are 100% mine.

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